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Take your language skills to the next level with the best resources available for learning French on the web. As you practice the language and study with a professional French tutor in Paris or online, you should also consider following a French blog.

Reading fresh updates on the French language and culture will help you stay engaged in your studies and keep your enthusiasm for French alive. This is one of the reasons why Caroline has put together some of the best resources to study French online! Therefore, you will learn some useful information that might not be in your textbook.

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French Proficiency Test Online

A Useful Grid for Self-Evaluation

Test your level with this precise French proficiency test. This assessment contains six levels of French fluency, from beginner to proficient language learner.
French alphabet

French Phonetic Alphabet: How to Perfect Your Pronunciation Practice

LEARN HOW TO PRONOUNCE THE WORDS WITH THE FRENCH PHONETIC ALPHABET The French Phonetic Alphabet consists of 37 Sounds Linguists and dictionaries use the International Phonetic Alphabet, or IPA, a standardized alphabet or system for phonetic notation. The IPA symbols below…

Bandes de Filles film français

The Best French Movies About Race That You Need to Watch

As large protests have occurred in response to the killing of George Floyd, there is heightened public awareness about racial discrimination and inequality, not only in the United States but also in France In a time when many of us…

Reading Books in Paris

My All-Time Favorite French Novels for Intermediate Learners

Some of our favorite books to learn French at the intermediate level Are you looking for the perfect French book to read at intermediate level? Here are some of our much loved French novels for intermediate learners and francophiles. Stupeurs…

Café des Deux Moulins, Paris

Amélie’s Most Picturesque Filming Locations in Paris

Amélie is a poetic French movie released in 2001, directed by Jean-Pierre Jeunet “Le Fabuleux Destin d’Amélie Poulain”, which is set in the district of Montmartre, is a poetic depiction of contemporary Parisian life It tells the story of a…

French Lesson Online on Skype

Tips for Sucessfully Teaching French Online via Skype

How to ensure that your first online French lessons go well Whether you are an experienced Skype teacher or about to undertake your very first French lesson online, you want to make a positive impression on your audience The purpose…

Café et croissant in France

The Meanings of the French Subject Pronoun On

The French pronoun On generally meansWe in English. However, it can also refer to one, people, you, they, he or she, and even I. Therefore, it is not easy to understand how to use this pronoun and to translate it…

The Hookup Plan Covid Episode

The Best TV Series for Learning French

An enjoyable way to learn a foreign language consists of watching TV series. But how can television shows help you learn French? As a language instructor, I have been using TV series and films in my French classes for a…

Business French Lessons for Professionals Online or Paris

Master Business French to Boost your Professional Career

You’ve reached a good level of fluency in French and you know many expressions However, you are working with French-speaking colleagues and clients in Paris or elsewhere, and you need to quickly master Business French Here are some useful tips…

French greetings to say hello

Practical French Greetings for a Warm Hello

Mastering French: Ways to Express French Greetings and Gratitude Typical French Greetings: Bonjour : hello, good day, hi Most of you know the formal expression “bonjour”, and you should since it’s the most common way to greet someone in French. We…

French words used in english

French Words Used in English

10 French Words That You’ve Seen Before… in English Over the years, the English language has borrowed a great number of French words and expressions. Some of this vocabulary has been so completely absorbed by English that speakers might not realize…

Application apprendre de TV5 monde

The Best Apps to Study French Online

What are the best apps to study French online? If you have a smartphone, you can learn French online with podcasts, short videos, and songs. And let’s not forget – mobile applications! But you might be thinking, which apps should…

French film La Haine - Best Movies for French Learners

Best Movies for French Learners

Discover the Most Engaging Movies to Learn French Whether you want to learn more about the culture, improve your grammar, vocabulary or pronunciation or simply have a good time, these popular French movies are perfect for you! 1. Le fabuleux…

Let's talk in French

How to use qui and que in French

As a private French tutor, I noticed that many French students are confused with the difference between qui and que Here are some explanations with concrete examples to understand the use of qui and que Grammatical difference between qui and…

French language podcasts

5 Relevant Podcasts to Learn French Online

Podcasts are an easy way to improve your French comprehension and vocabulary skills What are the best French language podcasts to practice your French and make prompt progress? As a French tutor online, I am often asked by language learners…

How to learn french on your own

How to Learn French On Your Own?

How Can I Learn French by Myself? (In Just a Few Months) Here are the tips of an experienced online French tutor to help you learn and practice the French language. 1. Join a French Conversation Group An excellent way…

Jardin des Tuileries, Paris

Tips on how to live in Paris by Robin Denise

Robin Denise shares insights and tips on how to live in Paris I recently had the pleasure to learn more about Robin Denise’s lifestyle blog, Péchés Mignons, and about what she loves the most about life in Paris Like many internationals, Robin…

Notre Dame Cathedral Paris

Strolling the Latin Quarter of Paris: A Perfect Walk on the Left Bank

Ready for a Walk in the Latin Quarter of Paris? This area is home to the atmospheric Saint-Germain-des-Prés quartier and the exquisite Luxembourg Gardens With its world-famous cityscape, deeply rooted intellectual tradition, prestigious history, beautiful architecture, and central location, the…

Individual French classes in Paris

What are the Benefits of Online French Tutoring?

Having trouble learning French? Perhaps you were really excited about taking a foreign language like French when the year began, but now learning it seems more challenging If you’re having a hard time grasping the rules of French, it may…

Expression française

Business French Idioms to Use at Work

Working in an office in France can be daunting, especially if you are not familiar with the business French idioms Here are some frequent, informal French expressions to use at work Avoir plusieurs cordes à son arc Literally translated, this…

Writing a Travel Journal

Creating a French Travel Diary

How to Write a Travel Journal or Travelogue with French Learners Travel journals help you to write and document about the experience you had in Paris, France. You can include the written description of the places you have visited, list…

Pont Alexandre III Paris

How to Guess the Gender of French Nouns Accurately

Feminine or masculine, that is the question you often ask yourself as a French learner In French, there’s simply no way to know the gender of every single noun other than by memorizing the gender of each. There are, however,…

Eiffel Tower

How to use the French prepositions “dans” and “en”

In this article, you will learn the distinction between the French prepositions “dans” and “en” It is not easy to understand the difference between these two prepositions since they both mean “in” in English The preposition DANS Dans is more…

Café in Paris, France

French: Difference between written and spoken

Differences between written and spoken French Spoken French and written French are so different that one could consider that they are two distinct dialects. I will highlight the main differences between written French and oral French in this blog article. After…

passé composé et imparfait

Passé composé and imparfait

This French lesson will teach you the difference between passé composé and imparfait in French Passé composé and imparfait cannot translate literally from English The imparfait describes what was happening all around you (including you), the background. Also it refers…

Paris bookstore

Pardon my French! The French False cognates

The false friends of the French language There are numerous false cognates between French and English that often mislead students when learning French. For example, « coin » in French has nothing to do with money. The French false cognates can be…

French idioms

Funny French expressions

French idioms are fun to learn and give you an idea of the culture and humour behind the language In this article, you’ll find 10 common French idioms that you will hear in France 1. Les carottes sont cuites This…

French grammar classes

The Essential French Grammar Websites

French grammar is complex: conjugating the irregular verbs, for instance, may be difficult Fortunately, there are online resources for French learning at all levels that make the learning process much easier You can progress quickly with the following websites for…

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