French Conversation Classes, Online & in Paris

Practice your French conversation skills in a friendly environment, supervised by a qualified native French teacher

French Conversation Practice - Skype French Classes with a Native Tutor

You will get extensive practice in speaking French with emphasis on the acquisition and use of new vocabulary and more complex idiomatic phrases

You will be given the opportunity to recreate everyday conversations, tackle particular situations that you encounter, and take part in discussions around specific themes that interest you

Online French conversation practice at the intermediate and advanced levels is ideal for those who already have a good grasp on the basics of the French language and want to improve their French-speaking skills, as well as to work on certain aspects such as grammar and pronunciation.

Learning outcomes of the online French conversation classes

  • be exposed to a variety of French idioms and vocabulary words, and learn how to use them in real-life contexts
  • pronounce the words correctly
  • use the appropriate syntax and grammar structures in sentences and questions
  • conduct fluent French conversations in areas of immediate need, personal interests, and familiar topics
  • create dialogues in French on various topics
  • discuss information presented in videos and short readings
  • compare and contrast customs and cultural differences
Online French speaking classes

Caroline has been teaching French conversation classes in Paris since 2009. Here is a small selection of some of the comments from her students.

“I have really enjoyed my French conversation lessons in Paris with Caroline. The subjects always vary and we discuss many topics, which pushes me to figure out the best way to express myself even though I might not have the particular vocabulary for the subject at hand. I feel that she has really helped me gain more confidence in my French conversational abilities because we had real conversations.” Marissa.

My vocabulary has improved dramatically, and I am more confident in expressing myself in spoken French. Caroline is easy to talk to and I never feel uncomfortable in trying to come up with something to say. She makes our talks have a natural flow and supplies new words and phrases in a way that seems to be part of the discussion to help me when I get stuck.  Kathryn.


  • The online conversational French classes are conducted entirely in French
  • Classes are taught by a native and qualified instructor, fully committed to your learning and progress
  • Caroline tailors her online French conversation classes to suit your needs, level, and objectives and she is open to questions or suggestions from her students
  • Choose between intermediate and advanced French lessons
  • Online French conversation practice ensures a great learning experience and give you the language skills and confidence to engage in French conversation

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