French Lessons in Paris and Online Classes

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Personalized French Lessons
French Lessons in a Supportive Atmosphere

Interactive French lessons with a focus on speaking

Interactive French lessons with a Focus on Speaking

An experienced French Teacher
Dedicated to your Learning

An experienced French Teacher
Dedicated to your Learning

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    • review rating 5  This winter I was able to finally pay a visit to Paris and my trip there was full of adventure and culture. Having taken a few years of French language courses during my studies, navigating around Paris gave me a chance to practice my French. Of course my French was rusty and a bit out of practice so communicating to get around the city was difficult at times. Because of this I decided to look for a tutor who would be able to give me a refresher French crash course and that is when I found Caroline's French Lessons. Caroline was a very helpful and professional tutor. She tailored the lessons in accordance to my French proficiency and took her time to answer any questions I may have had. Caroline made sure that I felt comfortable with using my French to navigate the city and she gave me helpful advice and recommendations about places to see and dine during my stay in Paris. I spent a month in Paris so I was able to spend about 2 weeks taking lessons from Caroline. Because of her lessons my stay in Paris was much more enjoyable. I would highly recommend Caroline's lessons to anyone visiting in Paris, she is a pleasure to work with!

      thumb Metha Chea
    • review rating 5  I had a wonderful experience with Caroline's French Lessons. I had studied French for many years, but it was many years ago, and I had never lived in France and felt uneasy with conversational French. Caroline, in a very few lessons, accomplished exactly what I had hoped for--a French language immersion experience, covering specific situations which tended to arise in traveling in France, reintroducing some long unused grammar concepts and generally giving me much greater confidence in spoken French. I am confident that her approach of addressing exactly what I wanted worked on would work equally well at different levels of knowledge of the language. Merci beaucoup Caroline

      thumb trần ngọc diễm huỳnh
    • review rating 5  I highly recommend Caroline to anyone who would like to take private tutoring while in Paris. Caroline was wonderful !!! She met me at my hotel each morning for 5 days for 2 hours a day. She analyzed my French level and came prepared each day with new lessons. She was a delight to work with and I noticed an improvement in my speaking ability.

      thumb Suzette Flood
    • review rating 5  Caroline's French lessons are personalized to the student's learning style and objectives. She knew how to adapt to my needs and answered all of my questions. Caroline's good knowledge of the language and culture enabled me to learn French quickly and efficiently. Thoughout our one-on-one lessons, I became more at ease with pronunciation and oral expression in particular. I strongly recommend her private tutoring if you want to make prompt progress.

      thumb kinh .
    • review rating 5  Caroline is an amazing French tutor! I needed a refresh on my French while I was visiting in Paris and she was so pleasant to work with. She came promptly to the meeting and met with me every day for 2 hours in the span of one week. She was able to help me improve on my weaknesses and was very encouraging. I highly recommend her and I look forward to learning more from her again whenever I am visiting Paris!

      thumb Katherine Chu

Personalized French Lessons

Caroline’s online French lessons are designed to meet your specific needs and objectives. Each course is structured and carefully designed to help you make prompt progress. It includes a mix of conversation, grammar, pronunciation, vocabulary, culture, and fun language activities – always with a little bit of homework to get you to practice in between the online French classes. As an experienced French tutor in Paris, Caroline is enthusiastic and passionate about language transmission. Whether you are a student, tourist or professional, learn French online from a dedicated teacher, have all your questions answered, and see a great improvement in your speaking skills!

Focus on Conversation and Interaction

Caroline prides herself in teaching you the language the way it is commonly spoken in modern France. Her online French classes concentrate on conversation and informal interactions while following a grammar curriculum. The social aspect of language classes is very important to her, and she believes that if you have fun in class, you’ll have an easier time navigating the finest points of French grammar or pronunciation! During the first meeting (on Skype or Facetime), Caroline evaluates each learner to find the most appropriate teaching method and materials. Her online French lessons take place any day between Monday and Friday.

Student-Centred Instruction

Caroline’s French courses are student-centred: this means that learners are encouraged to participate in a series of tasks including speaking, listening and writing. The French lessons are held in a supportive atmosphere, in a one-on-one setting. Small group French classes can also be arranged but they are limited to 2 students of the same level. The smaller the group is, the more the students get to speak the language, and the more personal attention they get from their private French tutor! With Caroline’s interactive teaching method, you will surprise yourself with your ability to have fluent conversations in French.

Want to know more about the lessons? Contact Caroline, she’s happy to discuss your needs.