Caroline’s French Lessons in Paris

Private French classes in Paris to suit your individual needs

French Lessons Paris Private

Private French Lessons Paris

Caroline’s private French lessons in Paris are designed to meet your specific needs and objectives. Each course is structured and carefully designed to help you make prompt progress. It includes a mix of conversation, grammar, pronunciation, vocabulary, culture, and fun language activities – always with a little bit of homework to get you to practice in between the classes. As an experienced French tutor in Paris, Caroline is enthusiastic and supportive. Whether you are a student, tourist or professional, learn from a dedicated French teacher, have all your questions answered, and see a great improvement in your speaking skills!

Focus on Speaking

Caroline prides herself in teaching you the language the way it is commonly spoken in modern France. During the first meeting, she evaluates each learner to find the best teaching method and materials to personalize her French lessons in Paris. Her private French classes concentrate on conversation and informal interactions while following a thorough grammar curriculum. The social aspect of language classes is very important to her, and she believes that if you have fun in class, you’ll have an easier time navigating the finest points of French grammar or pronunciation! The French lessons can take place any day, even weekends.

Personalized Courses

Caroline offers customized one-on-one French lessons in Paris, all of which are as intimate as it gets! The smaller the group is, the more the students get to speak the French language, and the more personal attention they get from their private tutor. Small group French classes can also be arranged but they are limited to 2 students of the same level. With Caroline’s French tutoring in Paris, you will apply your knowledge without even realizing it. Whether you’re a beginner or an advanced learner, you will surprise yourself with the ability to have fluent conversations in French.

Want to know more about the French lessons in Paris? Contact Caroline, she’ll be happy to discuss your needs.