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Private French Lessons Online. Tutoring via Skype and in Paris. French Classes at beginner (A1), intermediate (B1) and advanced levels (B2, C1).

Need to learn French quickly? Caroline provides excellent French classes online with one goal in mind: your progress. Find out what students say about Caroline’s French tutoring

French Lessons With Caroline - French Tutor In Paris And
French Lessons With Caroline - French Tutor In Paris And
69 Google reviews
Tammy McKeown
January 24, 2021.
I wanted to brush up on my French, which I hadn't taken since high school. I booked 5 online lessons with Caroline, and really enjoyed the thoughtful and engaging lessons. She helped me out with grammar and most of all my pronunciation! I was way more confident conversing throughout the day in Paris after taking the lessons. Thanks again, Caroline!
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trần ngọc diễm huỳnh
January 16, 2021.
I had a wonderful experience with Caroline's French Lessons. I had studied French for many years, but it was many years ago, and I had never lived in France and felt uneasy with conversational French. Caroline, in a very few lessons, accomplished exactly what I had hoped for--a French language immersion experience, covering specific situations which tended to arise in traveling in France, reintroducing some long unused grammar concepts and generally giving me much greater confidence in spoken French. I am confident that her approach of addressing exactly what I wanted worked on would work equally well at different levels of knowledge of the language. Merci beaucoup Caroline
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amandine francois
December 29, 2020.
Caroline is a superb French teacher. I've had several private tutoring sessions with her, and I am very impressed. She is always prepared and professional, and she makes me feel as comfortable speaking French as if I were with a friend. What's more is Caroline tailors the learning material perfectly to me. As I need to know French to work in the food industry, Caroline has spent time outside of class looking up kitchen material so that we have a ton of vocabulary and grammar to learn. I have a degree in Spanish and Italian, which I believe makes me credible in language learning, and Caroline is absolutely amazing. So encouraging and gentle and the perfect teacher. I highly recommend her.
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Lucy B
December 22, 2020.
Caroline is a talented and professional French teacher who helps her students get the results they want. I sought help with professionalizing my conversational French and Caroline's sessions definitely prepared me for my important meetings in French. She understands how to best modify the course materials to suit her students' needs. She helped me brush up on my grammar and pronunciation, and most of all boosted my confidence. I highly recommend Caroline as a French teacher and she is a very nice person too!
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Liliana Praticò
December 17, 2020.
Caroline supported me in my French learning process with great competence, providing tailored lessons and making me more and more comfortable with this new language!
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Personalized Private French Lessons Online and in Paris

Want to take your language skills to the next level? Then you should try Caroline’s private French lessons online via Skype or in Paris. Their content is personalized and meets your professional or personal goals. Choose from a variety of French courses, ranging from French conversation classes to business French for specialists. You’ll also improve your grammar, speaking, and pronunciation with an intensive French course online or in Paris. Lastly, you can prepare an official language exam such as the DELF, the DALF, the TCF or the TCF-ANF. Benefit from engaging classes online or in person with an expert private French tutor. Have all your questions answered. And see a great improvement in your conversation skills!

Learn from a Native Speaker and Talented Teacher

When you learn with a native speaker, you improve your fluency and accuracy. Have French lessons online with a qualified teacher who holds a Master’s degree and PhD in Linguistics. Also, Caroline has gained 11 years of experience teaching expats in France and overseas. And she loves helping her students boost their confidence and reinforce their speaking skills. She gives them advice and guidance, so they can perform to the best of their ability. Let a skilled and passionate French tutor guide you through this journey!

Focus on Conversation and Interaction

Caroline’s French classes online and in Paris focus on conversation and social interaction. And they follow a structured curriculum. Also, your motivation is important to your French teacher. That’s why she believes that if you have fun in class, you’ll have an easier time understanding grammar, vocabulary, and pronunciation. Through motivating French courses, students get the time and attention they need. As a result, they progress much faster than in the traditional group setting.

Private French classes online on Skype with an expert tutor

Why Study French With Caroline?

✔ A Skilled and Dedicated Language Professional

As a competent private French tutor, Caroline has helped hundreds of students and executives to improve their language skills. Benefit from online French classes via Skype or face-to-face lessons in Paris. Learn from a professional French teacher online who teaches you the language in a personalized, interactive, and meaningful way.

✔ Customized French Classes Online & in Paris

Your progress is Caroline’s priority. That’s why she creates tailor-made private French lessons online or in Paris to meet your needs. Her French language classes are available at beginner, intermediate, and advanced levels. Whether you want to study French intensively or at a regular pace, they put you on a clear and direct path to success.

✔ Flexible Location and Schedule

With a French course online, you can learn French wherever you are in the world. Study French on Skype or in Paris, in the comfort of your home or office. Your private French tutor will do her best to accommodate your needs. Start the lessons any time and benefit from personalized French classes and flexible scheduling.

✔ Speak French with Ease and Confidence

Lastly, learning a foreign language is not easy. Using it daily or in professional situations can sometimes be tough. Through supportive French classes online or in Paris, improve your fluency. This way, you’ll make a lot of progress and you’ll speak the language with ease and confidence!

Interested in Private French Tutoring? Get in touch with Caroline, she’d love to hear from you!

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