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Caroline was exactly the French tutor I had been looking for. I have a crazy schedule, but she is always very good about giving me a lesson when I have time off from work. I always take a 1.5 hour class and the time flies by. She always has exercises prepared in advance so that our time is used very efficiently. I am preparing to take the TCF-ANF, a French language examination to apply for French citizenship, and she has really raised my confidence level. Also, she is a wealth of knowledge. I travel a lot and she has given me several websites that I can go on to practice my French while I'm away. That way I don't have to carry a lot of French books with me. Whether you're in Paris for a short time or for a while, you're experience will be that much better having taken classes with Caroline. I can't recommend her enough!
Lucie B
Lucie B
Caroline is a talented and an attentive language teacher who helps her students get the results they want. I sought help with professionalizing my conversational French and Caroline's sessions definitely prepared me for my important meetings in French. She understands how to best modify the course materials to suit her students' needs. She helped me brush up on my grammar and pronunciation, and most of all boosted my confidence. I highly recommend Caroline as a French teacher and she is a very nice person too!
pasqualotti christophe
pasqualotti christophe
I spent 12 hours spread over 4 days with Caroline while in Paris. My objective was a basic review of my knowledge and to develop confidence in speaking French as an intermediate language learner in a French environment. I feel I accomplished those objectives. Caroline was professional, knowledgeable and friendly. She quickly worked out a plan for our classes to concentrate on my weaknesses. We barely spoke English at all, which is what I wanted. It was great to have someone to review my previous day's French speaking experiences to correct or improve how to handle a similar situation in the future. Each day of class flew by far too quickly. I hope that I can repeat the experience in the future. It was a very positive and rewarding experience.
Ellie P
Ellie P
Caroline is a wonderful language tutor for online French lessons and a lovely person too. She is friendly, professional, and able to adapt her lessons to the goals and needs of individual learners. I especially appreciate her readiness to share native speaker insights and cultural context -- the things you don't find in textbooks. Helped me improve both spoken and written French!
Marsalie Turner
Marsalie Turner
I really enjoyed my one-on-one Skype French lessons with Caroline. She adapts the classes to your needs and helps you to gain confidence. Her relaxed and supportive teaching style helps me to learn at my own pace. She helped me to improve my conversation skills, pronunciation, as well as my knowledge of French grammar, idioms and vocabulary. I'd very happily recommend Caroline as a professional and enthusiastic French tutor, who makes learning French a positive and enjoyable experience.
Ralph Barnie
Ralph Barnie
I’ve been taking lessons for several months now with Caroline, both online and face to face, with the primary focus being on improving my conversational French skills. I’ve found our sessions to be most productive, after every session I find that I come away with greater confidence and marked improvements in my ability to express myself. Caroline is always well prepared and professional but at the same time personable and so a pleasure to work with My French level i’d say is intermediate but I feel sure her methods would work across all levels. If you choose to work with Caroline I’m sure you won’t be disappointed.
Mz. Diamondz
Mz. Diamondz
Learning French from Caroline is pure joy!! She is incredibly personable and encouraging, making the experience of learning a new language that much more comfortable and disarming. She takes a very practical approach in her lessons for everyday language use and makes sure that concepts are absorbed before moving on to new ones. I cannot recommend Caroline enough! She is the BEST!
Metha Chea
Metha Chea
This winter I was able to finally pay a visit to Paris and my trip there was full of adventure and culture. Having taken a few years of French language courses during my studies, navigating around Paris gave me a chance to practice my French. Of course my French was rusty and a bit out of practice so communicating to get around the city was difficult at times. Because of this I decided to look for a tutor who would be able to give me a refresher French crash course and that is when I found Caroline's French Lessons. Caroline was a very helpful and professional tutor. She tailored the lessons in accordance to my French proficiency and took her time to answer any questions I may have had. Caroline made sure that I felt comfortable with using my French to navigate the city and she gave me helpful advice and recommendations about places to see and dine during my stay in Paris. I spent a month in Paris so I was able to spend about 2 weeks taking lessons from Caroline. Because of her lessons my stay in Paris was much more enjoyable. I would highly recommend Caroline's lessons to anyone visiting in Paris, she is a pleasure to work with!

Personalized French Lessons Online and in Paris

You can study French online with private classes on Skype or in Paris. Caroline’s French lessons are designed to meet your specific needs and objectives, and to help you make significant progress. You can choose from a variety of lessons, from business French for professionals to conversational French. You can also improve your grammar, speaking, pronunciation through intensive French lessons, or even prepare an official language test to obtain a diploma or certificate such as the DELF, the DALF, the TCF or TCF-ANF. Whether you are a student, a traveler or a professional, take online French courses or in Paris with an expert private French tutor, have all your questions answered, and see a great improvement in your communication skills!

Study French Online or in Paris with a Native Speaker and Skilled Teacher

When you study French online with a native speaker, you improve your pronunciation, fluency and accuracy in using the language. Have online French lessons on Skype with a qualified teacher who holds a Master’s degree and Ph.D. in Applied Linguistics and Language Education and who has gained 11 years of experience teaching international learners, in France and overseas. Caroline loves working with students to help them boost their confidence, strenghten their communication skills, and giving them advice and guidance to help them perform to the very best of their ability. Let a skilled and enthusiastic French tutor guide you through this journey!

Focus on Conversation and Interaction

Caroline prides herself in teaching you the French language the way it is commonly spoken in modern France. On the first day of class, she evaluates your needs to find the most appropriate teaching method and materials. Her French lessons online or in Paris concentrate on conversation and social interaction while following a structured curriculum. Learners’ motivation and satisfaction are very important to your French teacher, and she believes that if you have fun in class, you’ll have an easier time navigating the finest points of French grammar, vocabulary, and pronunciation. Individual French tutoring makes sure that students get the time and attention that bring the best out of them, and this means they can make progress much quicker than in the traditional group setting.

“Caroline has a very encouraging style which made me feel comfortable practicing. Not only did I learn a lot in the lessons, but working with her also increased my confidence in speaking French.”

Helena, intermediate french learner

Why Study French With Caroline?

✔ A Skilled and Dedicated Language Professional

Caroline has helped hundreds of students, executives, and travelers to learn French and improve their level. Have online French classes via Skype or face-to-face lessons in Paris with a professional tutor who teaches you the language in a personalized, interactive, and meaningful way.

✔ Customized French Classes

Your progress is Caroline’s priority. Her one-on-one French lessons online and in Paris are personalized to meet your needs and favorite learning style. Classes are available at beginner, intermediate, and advanced levels. Whether you choose to learn French intensively or at a slower pace, classes are designed to put you on a clear and straightforward path to success.

✔ Skype French Classes: Flexible Location and Schedule

Take online French courses via Skype or in Paris, in the comfort of your home or office. Caroline will do her best to accommodate your needs, wherever you are in the world. Start the lessons any time and benefit from flexible scheduling and personalized French classes.

✔ Speak French with Ease and Confidence

Learning the French language is not easy and using it in general or professional communication can sometimes be intimidating. Through engaging and supportive live French lessons online or in Paris, Caroline helps you improve your fluency and speak French with ease and confidence.

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