The Most Dynamic and Interactive Beginner French Lessons in Paris

Beginner French Lessons in Paris - Learn practical French with this crash course for beginners.

Who are these beginning French lessons in Paris for?

Held in Paris or online, this practical French beginner course is for students who would like to learn French at beginner level. No prior knowledge of French is required as these private classes are designed for complete beginners.

What are the objectives?

The beginner French course in Paris aims to acquire basic language skills and to achieve the equivalent of A1 level of the European Framework for Languages (CECR). The classes target the acquisition of oral competence (listening and speaking abilities). Reading, writing and formal grammar are secondary goals and will be introduced as the need arises.

By the end of the French language course for beginners, you will:

  • Be able to communicate in very basic everyday-life situations, including greetings, daily activities, finding your way, telling the time and date, making simple purchases, ordering a meal, etc.
  • Be able to understand very simple oral and written texts and give specific information on simple topics
  • Develop an insight into French-speaking life, culture and society.

How are the French course for beginners taught?

  • A communicative approach is used. All four skills (speaking, reading, listening and writing) are practised, with the main emphasis on speaking.
  • Students engage in interactive language activities (role-plays, brainstorming, oral interviews, games, etc.) according to a syllabus based on systematic grammatical progression.
  • Students will also be offered guidance in self-study and set optional homework tasks.

“Caroline was very patient, and good at explaining concepts. We would recommend her beginner French lessons in Paris without any hesitation to another family.”

Course outline

Students will learn to ask questions, use common adjectives and idioms, use direct and indirect object pronouns and narrate in the present and simple past tense using -er and -ir verbs. Themes of the beginner French course in Paris will include:

  • Talking about oneself, your family and other people
  • Family and friends
  • Talking about likes and dislikes
  • French customs
  • School and home life
  • Weather and seasons
  • Getting around the city
  • Asking for and giving direction
  • Giving some advice
  • Asking and expressing needs
  • Expressing quantities and habits
  • Expressing possibilities and obligation
  • Talking about past events
  • Expressing your opinion

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