Intensive French Courses Online or in Paris

Intensive French courses Online or in Paris

Sharpen your French skills with our Intensive French Program. Taught in Paris or online by remote instruction so you can learn from anywhere! Benefit from one-on-one support from an experienced French tutor.

A qualified online French tutor ensures systematic progress in all aspects of written and oral French

Intensive French courses in Paris

The only way to do this effectively is through a French immersion course in Paris or online, where no one in the class is allowed to speak anything but French during the day.

Through a personalized intensive French course that includes varied exercises, you can apply naturally and freely the everyday French vocabulary and grammar structures that you need in various real-life situations. An emphasis is made on communicating in spoken French.

Theme-based French language courses in Paris are offered to encourage faster progress in a specific field. Options include oral and written communication, vocabulary, grammar, culture, phonetics and preparation for the DELF / DALF / TCF examinations. Caroline’s intensive French classes online and in Paris take place all year round.

After taking the initial French language test on arrival, you will be assigned a level that matches your individual skills and needs, allowing you to work at your own pace. If this is the first time that you study French or if you know only a few words, you will be placed in a beginner French course in Paris.

Private French Class in FranceOne-to-one French tutoring in Paris are designed to cater to the student’s needs. Specific goals and teaching targets are drawn up based on individual levels and requirements. You may choose, for example, our general or business French course in Paris, or do a DELF preparation course.

Participants who have fulfilled attendance requirements will receive a French language certificate at the end of the course, signed by Caroline, your private French tutor online or in Paris. They will alos get a detailed skills evaluation.

Length of the intensive French course in Paris: one week, quarter, half year or full year depending on your needs.

Contact Caroline to book your intensive French courses online or in Paris!

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