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Private French Courses in Paris with Caroline from The French Class.

Caroline is an exceptional French teacher, offering the perfect combination of high expectations and individual support. Having studied with her for about a year in one-on-one private French course in Paris, I highly recommend her. She always finds interesting material for the classes and new ways of teaching French, tailoring to the student’s needs. Very knowledgeable and competent, Caroline is able to explain the grammar and pronunciation rules in a very simple and intuitive manner. Her informality and friendliness have brought the French language alive and given me more confidence in using it.  Kate.

Caroline was exactly the private French tutor I had been looking for. I have a crazy schedule, but she is always very good about giving me a French lesson when I have time off from work. I always take a 2-hour course and the time flies by.  She always has exercises prepared in advance so our time is used efficiently. I am preparing to take the DELF, a French language examination to get my French passport, and she has really raised my confidence level. Also, she is a wealth of knowledge. I travel a lot and she has given me several websites that I can go on to practice my French while I’m away. Whether you’re in Paris for a short time or for a while, your experience will be that much better having taken classes with Caroline. I can’t recommend her highly enough.   Diane.

I have gone to Caroline two or three times (separately) for an intensive French course before taking on assignments in Francophone Africa. She is an amazing teacher. Each time, I would have four hours of French per day for about a week. She varied the activities and had done a lot of preparation to ensure the classes were tailored to what I needed to be successful in my work. This included preparing spoken, written and listening exercises with varying accents and with new vocabulary.
Not only did I learn a lot, but also I thoroughly enjoyed the private French lessons. Caroline has a very encouraging style which made me comfortable practicing and learning. I highly recommend her as a French tutor whether it is for a refresher course or you are just starting out. Summer.

I have had the pleasure of working with Caroline through French tutoring in Paris for several  months. She is exceptionally attentive to my personal needs and keeps the lessons challenging, with a variety of subjects and exercises. She is highly observant and will adjust a lesson on the go to focus on a specific verbal or grammatical difficulty. Studying French with her is extremely rewarding. She is very encouraging and I highly recommend her as an online French tutor. Tina.

My sister and I had private French tutoring in Paris with Caroline as part of a break to Paris. We were hoping for a friendly and professional French tutor in Paris who would help us with our rusty French. That is what we got, and even more. 
Caroline made us feel very much at ease and it was only a matter of minutes before we were trying out our French.
By the end of the sessions, we both felt that we had brushed up our French speaking skills and also learnt a lot. I cannot recommend Caroline highly enough. She was just what we needed: a relaxed, professional French teacher in Paris, full of enthusiasm and gave us some inside information that we really enjoyed hearing about.  Ann.

I needed to master basic French in a hurry before starting at the Ecole Boulle. I had many hours of French tutoring in Paris with Caroline over the summer. Even though she was teaching full time, Caroline fitted me in for a one-on-one French lesson whenever I could and for however long I wanted.
Learning French with her was enjoyable. She pushed me into learning the grammar and vocabulary that would be useful for my course and gave me a lot more confidence to survive my new life in Paris! Even now I know that I can turn to Caroline for help and advice if needed. Finding Caroline as a private French teacher was the biggest success of my summer! Poppy.

I had studied French, but it was many years ago, and I had never lived in France and felt uneasy with conversational French. Caroline accomplished exactly what I had hoped for: a French language immersion experience in Paris, covering specific situations which tend to arise when traveling in France, reintroducing useful grammar concepts and giving me much greater confidence in my French speaking ability.   Keith.

Caroline is the most amazing French teacher. She is very friendly and tailored the course material to my level of linguistic competence and real life needs. I took a private French course with her for one semester. By the end of my study-abroad experience, I felt comfortable with my coursework and my ability to socialize like any student at university. Very reasonably priced for the quality of instruction, I would definitely take some French classes with Caroline again if I return to France in the future.  Helena.

I was looking for private French tutoring in Paris. I came across The French Class on the Internet and was impressed by the website’s professionalism, ease of use, and organization – all things I looked for in private French courses in Paris! Because I was preparing for the DELF, a national language examination, and for a master’s program in France, I had very specific needs and objectives.
Caroline knew how to address my needs and made sure that I stayed on target. She helped me fill in the gaps that I had since I had learned most of my French in conversation. We completed exercises and discussed press articles related to my field of specialization and interests. Caroline is a very enthusiastic and focused teacher who passes on her motivation to her students. Laura M.

I had an intensive week of private French courses in Paris in November with Caroline.  I truly enjoyed our time together as she was kind and gentle with her teaching plans. She encouraged me to “parler francais” as much as I could.  She also spent time walking and talking and enjoying Paris with me. We shopped at at fresh produce market, ate some wonderful eastern foods and toured a small musee in Montmartre!
I stayed in a great little hotel just blocks from her apartment. I was not disappointed in the neighborhood, her French language course or my entire experience! I know I returned home a little more comfortable with my prononciation. I would recommend Caroline as she structured her lessons around my needs  and comfort level. Mary.

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