Practical French Greetings for a Warm Hello

Mastering French: Ways to Express French Greetings and Gratitude

Typical French Greetings: Bonjour : hello, good day, hi

Useful French Greeting to Say HelloBeware of “salut” : it is very informal and means “hey”, not “hi”

What about “bonsoir”?

Say “bonjour madame”, “bonjour monsieur”, “bonjour mademoiselle”

Best way to study French for Speaking

Say “bonjour Clara”, “bonjour madame Dupont”

Always say “bonjour” / “bonsoir”

French greetings bonjour Paris

Never say “bon matin” or “bon après-midi”

Gestures associated with “bonjour”: handshake or kiss(es)

La bise in France - French greetings
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