French phonetic exercises to learn intonation

Improve your oral expression through French phonetic exercises

The Phonetique website is a great online tool that offers free French phonetic exercises to train or perfect your pronunciation skills.

French phonetic exercisesThis tool is aimed at learners of French as a foreign language, but can also be used by francophones themselves. On this website, you will be able to hear all the sounds of the French alphabet and those of the International Phonetic Alphabet (IPA).

You will also find exercises to learn how to distinguish between sounds, as well as games to help you practise the sounds of the French language.

In the “Alphabet” section, you will find a presentation of the French alphabet and the International Phonetic Alphabet. This section of the website will also help you learn French with phonetic exercises. The “Phonemes” section offers exercises to help you recognise and distinguish between the different vowel sounds, consonants and semi-vowels. The  “Other” section offers exercises to learn French intonation and liaisons. Finally, in the “Tongue twisters” section, you will find fun pronunciation exercises to help you improve your oral expression.

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