What are the Benefits of French Tutoring?

Are you struggling with learning French?

Perhaps you were really excited about taking a foreign language when the year began, but now it seems you’re finding it a challengePrivate French Lessons and Tutoring

If you’re having a hard time grasping the language, it may be time to think about private French tutoring for extra guidance and support

One-on-one engagement

French has been known and referred to as “The Language of Love” for many years. However, if you’re struggling, “love” might be the furthest word from your mind. My individual French lessons in Paris can help put the love back into this beautiful language, giving you a fresh insight into the language and a better understanding of complex phrases and how to properly use them. The courses involve one-on-one French instruction, which will help you to focus on complex areas. They are held in a convivial and supportive atmosphere to enable prompt progress.

French learning process

Become more confident in your language skills

Evidence has shown:

• 98% of learners’ report making significant progress when engaged in regular tutoring sessions.

• Progress in one-on-one classes is generally 4 times faster than in the traditional classroom setting
• 91% of learners believe interaction and collaboration between the tutor and the learner was essential to learn effectively

Apply what you learn in practice

As a professional French teacher in Paris, I pride myself in helping the learners succeed, and I live for those Eureka moments when they just…French language conversation class get it right! I’d love to have the opportunity to work with you and bring you to that place of complete understanding of linguistic and cultural points. If you’d like more information about my private French classes in Paris, contact me today!

Flexible times and online tutoring to fit in with your schedule

What makes The French Class in Paris – my French tutoring business – so successful is the ability to hold these sessions in the comfort of your home or office in Paris, at the times that are convenient for you. I also provide online French tutoring via Skype if this is requested by my students.