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As you practice the language and study with a professional online French tutor, you should also consider following a French blog. Reading fresh updates on the French language and culture will help you stay engaged in your studies and keep your enthusiasm for French alive.

This is one of the reasons why Caroline has put together some of the best resources to study French online! Therefore, you will learn some useful information that might not be in your textbook. You may also want to check these additional websites to make the most of your experience in France. Learn French from your home or office and become conversational in no time.

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French words used in english

French Words Used in English

10 French Words That You’ve Seen Before… in English Over the years, the English language has borrowed a great number of French …
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Tips for the DELF B2

Here are some tips for preparing the DELF B2 exam At level B2, the candidate has a degree of fluency and …
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French stereotypes

Stereotypes about the French

Discover these Stereotypes about French People Take some time and think about the stereotypical French person Imagine a rude Parisian with a thick …
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French spelling reform

French spelling reform

French spelling reform : the end of the circumflex? Suggested new spellings for more than 2,000 French words have sparked controversy. The Academie Francaise …
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Business French classes in Paris

Business French Course in Paris

A Personalized Business French Course in Paris Make French your Business Caroline’s business French course in Paris is tailor-made to help executives, …
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Culture and customs of France

Culture and Customs of Paris

What are the culture and customs of Paris? Paris and formality Paris is a cosmopolitan city and its inhabitants represent a fantastic …
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Countryside view of a French region

Regional Accents in France

A vocal diversity of regional accents in France A linguistic revolution is under way in France as denizens of the Midi, Alsace …
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Arc de triomphe Paris France

Méthodes de français professionnel

Etudier le français professionnel (niveaux B2-C1) Vous recherchez des méthodes de français professionnel pour mieux maîtriser les situations de communication dans …
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Site Phonétique du français

Plus… Prononciation du “s”?

L’adverbe “plus” peut poser des difficultés aux étudiants non francophones. Faut-il ou non prononcer le “s”? L’usage établit que l’on prononce le …
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Bicycle in the city

Compréhension orale du français

Sites, chansons, vidéos pour améliorer votre compréhension orale du français Chansons Site de chansons didactisées par Carmen Vera, enseignante de FLE. Site pour …
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Resources in French to practice listening

Ressources audiovisuelles en FLE

Ressources audiovisuelles en FLE pour faciliter l’apprentissage du français par les étudiants étrangers Voici une sélection d’outils interactifs pour étudier le …
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Paris apartments

FLE – Le Subjonctif

En français, le subjonctif exprime un souhait, une possibilité ou un doute. Il est généralement utilisé dans la proposition subordonnée, …
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emmener ou amener

Emmener ou amener ?

emmener En français, lorsqu’on prend une personne, un animal ou une chose avec soi en partant, en allant ailleurs, en quittant …
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La Basilique du Sacré Coeur

Top French Songs about Paris

Discover our playlist of beautiful French songs inspired by Paris. Camille – Paris Charles Trénet – Ménilmontant Mano Solo – Botzaris Jacques Dutronc – …
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French audio recordings

French audio recordings

French audio recordings to improve your listening and speaking skills The best way to train on your French comprehension and pronunciation! Whether you …
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