French course in Paris for a beginner

Caroline, my language teacher, provided a very structured and encouraging French course in Paris for a beginner like myself.

I had studied another language – Spanish – fairly unsuccessfully before, but Caroline, my private French teacher in Paris, gave me the confidence and support to truly succeed in gaining a command of rudimentary areas of French, a language that initially seemed much more daunting to me.

The focus of class activities was placed on conversation practice and oral expression so that I could not only understand but actually “use” very basic grammar and vocabulary, and learn to speak French with confidence. Through Caroline’s beginner French lessons in Paris, I gained a base with which to engage in simple conversations in daily situations such as introducing oneself and others, greeting people, asking and giving simple information, numbers, time, finding their way, etc.

Caroline is a patient, knowledgeable, and kind French tutor in Paris. She understands the demands of real life, gives homework that is realistic, and gently reminds her students about rules that were taught five lessons ago. She corrects mistakes and without undermining students’ confidence. She offers ideas to learn/hear/and speak French outside of class. As a native French teacher in Paris, she also teaches pronunciation and word differences throughout the French-speaking world. She also tailors her French classes in Paris to her students.

Caroline made French very fun to learn, and really helped me engage with the language. She provided a wide variety of French learning activities and exposure to authentic materials, including interviews, documentaries, and newspaper articles that made me look forward to studying French. If you are looking for a competent, dedicated French teacher in Paris and want to study French in Paris in a fast and efficient way, I strongly recommend Caroline and The French Class in Paris.

Marissa J.