The business French course in Paris helped me progress

I needed a business French course in Paris for my work as I have to communicate regularly with international clients.

I didn’t have time to take regular, daytime private French lessons, so I have tried to improve my French language level by taking evening French classes in Paris. The business French course in Paris helped me improve my level of French quickly and efficiently. It enabled me to listen to different accents from the francophone world and to enhance my understanding of the French language as it is spoken daily. The business French course in Paris also gave me many occasions to practise and improve my speaking skills and my French listening comprehension. I am now much more confident in expressing myself in French, especially on the telephone and in meetings.

As a qualified French teacher in Paris, Caroline is efficient and enthusiastic. She teaches real-life French, and provides her students with grammatical, lexical and cultural tools to help them achieve their goals. Instead of an out-of-touch with reality, one-size-fits-all textbook, Caroline prefers a made-to-measure business French program in Paris and uses mostly her own, thoughtfully created practice exercises for the context of business. She included grammar and vocabulary in context, as tools to be used in real life situations. Caroline also provided me with homework, for further practice in between our business French lessons in Paris.

Carmen D.