A great French tutor in Paris

When I arrived in Paris two years ago for my Master’s degree, I couldn’t speak French very well and sometimes I had difficulties to understand the language what I was told.

I decided to take individual lessons in Paris with a professional French tutor in Paris.

Since languages are best learned through immersion, Caroline’s French course in Paris is taught entirely in French. As a professional French teacher in Paris, Caroline not only provided me with wonderful opportunities to extend and deepen my oral skills and pronunciation in the reading and discussion of texts, but also enabled me to expand my knowledge and understanding of the French language and culture. We listened, read, understood, and interpreted authentic French-language materials and sources. I found it really interesting to discuss the values and customs of different French-speaking communities.

Caroline seems to understand the strengths and weaknesses of her students and therefore would not ask them to do something they are not comfortable with. I feel that my speaking skills have improved greatly throughout our individual French lessons in Paris. I would recommend Caroline as a professional French tutor in Paris to anyone who wishes to study the language whether it is for business purposes or for pleasure.

Heather M.