Experience French Lessons for Professionals Online with an Experienced Teacher

Study the language that you will use immediately in your work environment, and gain confidence in your speaking abilities

Business French Lessons for Professionals to take part in corporate discussions. Conversational French classes online and in Paris for business people.

Taught online or in Paris, the business French lessons for professionals are for those who want to obtain fast results

Practical reading, writing, speaking, and listening comprehension skills will be developed toward the use of French for business purposes. Emphasis will be placed on oral and written communication in concrete situations faced by business executives and employees.

These online business French lessons for professionals will help you express yourself with more fluency and accuracy with your French-speaking clients and colleagues.

Practice business French conversation with an experienced language professional

As a dedicated French teacher with 11 years of teaching experience, Caroline ensures your success and fast results. Her private French lessons online via Skype or in Paris are engaging and interactive to help you retain key competencies: comprehension, expression, vocabulary building, pronunciation, etc. With one-on-one attention, each class is tailored to your professional needs and goals.

Objectives of the business French classes

Business French Lessons for Professionals to practice conversation and interact with clients and colleagues.
  • to take part in corporate discussions
  • to hold formal and informal conversations with your business partners and colleagues
  • to deliver an oral presentation or a speech
  • to conduct business meetings and negotiations
  • to talk with confidence on the telephone
  • to write accurate and informative reports, letters, emails in the French language
  • to prepare for a job interview
  • to learn the specialized language and vocabulary related to a specific work domain (eg. engineering, healthcare, banking, marketing, tourism, etc).
  • to build rapport and strengthen relationships with French-speaking colleagues and clients through a show of interest in the French language and culture
Business French Lessons for Professionals Online or in Paris, France

The business French course for professionals cover

  • interactive and dynamic oral practice to encourage the expression of ideas and opinions, incorporating new vocabulary and idioms, as well as manipulating sophisticated and complex grammar structures
  • comprehension exercises to help business French learners acquire a comfortable understanding of a written professional document or a spoken presentation.
  • role-plays to practice various business scenarios, including presentations, negotiations, telephone conversations, and professional meetings conducted into French.
  • review of the grammar points needing attention to develop accuracy in the use of the language.

Find out what students are saying about Caroline’s business French lessons for professionals

I have gone to Caroline two or three times (separately) for an intensive French course in Paris before taking on work assignments in Francophone Africa. She is an amazing teacher. Each time, I would have four hours of French per day for about a week. She varied the activities and had done a lot of preparation to ensure the classes were tailored to what I needed to be successful in my work. This included preparing spoken, written and listening exercises with varying accents and with new vocabulary. Not only did I learn a lot, but also I thoroughly enjoyed the lessons. She has a very encouraging style which made me comfortable practicing and learning. I highly recommend her as a French tutor whether it is for a refresher course or you are just starting out. Summer.

The online business French classes in Paris were well planned, well paced, and delivered extremely well. They gave me the ability to communicate effectively and with greater confidence in the French language. The lessons were practical and focused on corporate communication, business French vocabulary, and grammar. I appreciated the fact that Caroline included some topics that are relevant for my professional life, such as money, negotiations, contracts, and banking. All that I have learned helps me greatly in my everyday work. Keith

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