French Lessons in Paris with a Private Tutor

Personalised French lessons to speak French with ease and confidence

  • One-on-one French Courses in Paris
    One-on-one French lessons in Paris


Private french lessons for students in Paris

Away from the distraction of a busy office or home life, my French lessons in Paris enable you to immerse yourself in French. You can improve your pronunciation, work on your grammar, or prepare the DELF exam. Learn from an dedicated tutor in Paris, have your questions answered and see a great improvement in your speaking skills.


Business French Course in Paris

My business French course in Paris is tailor-made to help professionals in a wide range of fields enhance their knowledge of French. Learn business French in Paris and get ready for an important presentation or meeting, conduct professional interviews, handle negotiations or improve your speaking with French colleagues and clients.


French course for tourists in Paris

With my French lessons for tourists in Paris, you become able to speak with ease and confidence with salespersons, hotel staff and other locals; improve your understanding of spoken French; practise French in daily situations inside and outside the classroom with an expert French teacher and see Paris through the eyes of a local.

Contact Caroline, she is happy to discuss the best approach for you!