French Lessons in Paris with a Private Teacher

A dedicated French tutor, committed to your learning

An experienced French teacher comes to your home or office in Paris, at times that are convenient to you
Each French course is carefully prepared, structured, and tailored to your individual needs
The teacher is highly qualified, enthusiastic, and dedicated to helping you make good progress

One-on-one lessons in Paris tailored to meet your individual needs

You can improve your speaking and pronunciation, work on your grammar, or prepare a French examination such as the DELF.
You may also have a business French course in Paris and get ready for an important presentation, interview or meeting; handle negotiations; improve your speaking with French colleagues and clients. One-to-one French lessons offer individualized attention and they are carefully tailored to your needs and favorite teaching style.

All my French courses in Paris are built around oral communication and interaction to help you use the language in context.
As a teacher, I encourage independence and self-study, with the aim to helping students understand how to learn, understand and use the French language by themselves. I appreciate how difficult it can be to learn a foreign language and I make special efforts to help my students succeed. Learn from an dedicated tutor in Paris, have your questions answered and see a great improvement in your speaking skills.

Improve your French. Start Today!

Wish to know more about my private French lessons?

Contact Caroline, she’ll be happy to discuss your needs and requirements and to offer you a structured and personalized French program.