1. All French Courses, in Paris or online

1. General Information

  • The duration of one lesson is 45 minutes.
  • Private French lessons in Paris can be purchased individually or in packages. Packages with a number of 10 lessons offer a greater discount.
  • All lesson packages expire 8 weeks after the date of purchase. After 8 weeks, the student is not eligible to receive a refund for the remaining private French lessons in Paris.
  • Students are expected to attend French classes in Paris on the day and time listed during registration.
  • French lessons start and end as scheduled. If a student arrives late, the class time missed is neither refundable nor can it be rescheduled.
  • Cancellation of French lessons in Paris is only accepted if made at least 48 hours prior to the scheduled start time. If cancellation is received within less than 48 hours, the student will be charged at the regular rate.
  • Please note that no refund, transfer or credit will be given should a student fail to attend the lessons or leave before the end of the course session.

2. Means of payment

  • Full payment of each individual lesson or lesson package is due in advance of the lesson or lesson package starting.
  • We accept payments made in cash or direct bank transfer.

3. Privacy policy

  • All information provided to us when using our website, such as your name, email, postal address and telephone number will be kept confidential.
  • The French Class only uses your personal information for purposes relevant to your enrolment in the language classes, as well as to gain an understanding of what you want to achieve from our private French lessons in Paris.

4. Competent jurisdiction and applicable law

  • In the event of litigation, the courts of the Paris judicial district shall be solely competent to determine any dispute.

5. I agree with the above terms and conditions of The French Class.

  • I am satisfied that appropriate information about the French classes in Paris has been available to me prior to enrolment. I confirm my intention to attend the French classes in Paris on which I have been enrolled and I am aware of the commitment required.
  • I understand that by signing this declaration it stands for all future private French lessons in Paris taken with The French Class.

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