A professional French teacher in Paris

We were hoping for a professional French teacher in Paris

My sister and I had three mornings of French lessons in Paris (of three hours each) with Caroline as part of a holiday.

We were hoping for a professional French teacher in Paris who would help us with our rusty French and that is what we got and more.

A lover of languages, Caroline is passionate about teaching her native language in a way that helps students build confidence. She is patient, gentle, efficient, enthusiastic. She made us feel very much at ease and it was only a matter of minutes before we practising our French. Her approach is that of a competent French teacher in Paris, encouraging her students to improve and build up strength and skills through a personalized, progressive teaching approach. She uses a gentle approach, but does correct mistakes in a positive and encouraging way.
A professional French teacher in Paris, Caroline is knowledgeable and flexible. She is able to adapt to diverse ways of learning and to address all challenges. After many years teaching anglophones, she is very familiar with common mistakes and obstacles. After each French course in Paris, she handed out the lesson notes, to be used for reviewing. By the end of our sessions we both felt that we had brushed up our French speaking skills and also learnt a lot about the French language and culture.

I cannot recommend Caroline highly enough. She was just what we needed, a relaxed, professional French tutor in Paris, full of enthusiasm and gave us some inside information on French language and culture that we really enjoyed hearing about.

Ann P.