Join the Most Dynamic French Conversation Groups in Paris

Accelerate Fluency with French Conversation Exchanges in Paris

Let's talk in FrenchAn excellent way to actually use and remember the language that you are learning is to join French conversation groups in Paris or other informal exchanges in Paris. Not only will your French improve significantly, but you’ll probably meet some interesting French speakers along the way. Below is a list of available conversation sessions for your consideration.

LetThemTalk Café Conversation

This is a French conversation group for intermediate and advanced speakers. This group meets at different, central Paris restaurants each Sunday from 3:00 to 5:00 pm. Exchanges are held in French only. Participation costs 15€ if paid on-site, 12.50 in advance or you can buy a carnet of five tickets good for three months cost 50€.  Reservations are required.

Paris Multi-Language Meetup

French Conversation Groups

Michèle started this group to meet new people who are enthusiasts about learning languages and discovering foreign cultures. A group where everyone can have fun and social networking at the same time. This French conversation group is aimed at expats who are new in Paris and who are looking forward to meet other expats living in the City of Lights. Meetups will be done in bars and cafes where everyone can have a pleasant relaxing time while talking.

WICE French-English Conversation Groups

WICE French Conversation Groups in Paris are free and open to members only, but with an annual membership fee of 50€, this is a good deal for improving your language skills. WICE has conducted French speaking groups in Paris for more than 10 years. Two 90-minute sessions are held each week in small groups of five to six people who converse for 45 minutes in each language. Groups meet in the 15th arrondissement on Tuesdays, Thursdays and Fridays.

Cercle International de l’ARC

French conversation session

Established in 1957 to give foreigners access to French conversation partners, the Cercle International de l’ARC is a volunteer association that seeks to provide an open door to French culture and language. The group also organizes evening presentations, weekend walking tours, and short day-trips from Paris. Once the 10€ annual fee is paid, students are welcome to join any of five or six conversation tables with French speakers who act as moderators. Mostly retired Parisians, the French tutors or moderators will correct if requested, explain expressions, and encourage French conversation practice. Students of all ages, nationalities, and language levels are welcome. The Cercle is open Monday through Friday from 2:00 to 7:00 p.m. Students are free to stay from 20 minutes to 3 hours. There are no fixed appointments.

Association Bienvenue en France

For over 30 years, Bienvenue en France, with the support of the French Ministry of Foreign Affairs, has been welcoming spouses of foreign diplomats from every country to help make their stay in France as successful and pleasant as possible. The association helps them to get to know France and its people by encouraging meetings with French families and by presenting the rich diversity of France. Note: These French discussion groups in Paris are only available to individuals possessing a diplomatic card.

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