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Café et croissant in France
The French pronoun On generally meansWe in English. However, it can also refer to one, people, you, they, he or
The Hookup Plan Covid Episode
An enjoyable way to learn a foreign language consists of watching TV series. But how can television shows help you
Resources in French to practice listening
In the early stages of your French conversation class, learning the sounds and phonetics will help you pronounce the words
Business French Lessons for Professionals Online or Paris
You've reached a good level of fluency in French and you know many expressions However, you are working with French-speaking
French greetings to say hello
Mastering French: Ways to Express French Greetings and Gratitude Typical French Greetings: Bonjour : hello, good day, hi Most of you
French words used in english
10 French Words That You’ve Seen Before… in English Over the years, the English language has borrowed a great number of
Application apprendre de TV5 monde
What are the best apps to study French online? If you have a smartphone, you can learn French online with
French film La Haine - Best Movies for French Learners
Discover the Most Engaging Movies to Learn French Whether you want to learn more about the culture, improve your grammar,
Let's talk in French
As a private French tutor, I noticed that many French students are confused with the difference between qui and que
French language podcasts
Podcasts are an easy way to improve your French comprehension and vocabulary skills What are the best French language podcasts