Textbooks to learn French as a beginner

Good textbooks to learn French as a beginner

  •  Ici 1 Méthode de français A1 is one of my favorite textbooks to learn French as a beginner. It is aimed at any student who has no previous knowledge of French and who would like to learn French as a beginner. Ici 1 is an intercultural and action-oriented method based on learning experiences and activities set inside and outside the classroom. This French manual offers linguistic tools, reflections on grammatical structures from both written and oral texts, with an introduction to French pronunciation. The emphasis is put on cultural topics, customs and habits of the French-speaking countries. Publisher: CLE international


  • Grammaire progressive du français: like all CLE International textbooks, it has explanations on each left hand page – all in French, but very clearly laid out, with examples and occasional pictures – and related exercises on the facing page. If you use no other book (aside from a dictionary), this one alone will be enough to teach all the basics of grammar, including five tenses, and a fairly wide range of vocabulary. Publisher: CLE international


  • Conjugaison Progressive du Francais is also one of my preferred textbooks to learn French as a beginner. It takes you right from the present tense to the imperfect subjunctive, so will serve you well throughout your learning. And honestly, there’s no better way of learning French verbs than methodically ploughing through these kinds of exercises, so when the occasional voluntarily purchases this book, it makes my little heart glad. Publisher: CLE international

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