French Pronunciation Course in Paris and Online

Do you wish to improve your French pronunciation so that others can understand you easily when you speak French?

My French pronunciation course in Paris or online will help you get the right accent and intonation quickly for better communication

After having observed my students’ needs for years and tried to be as helpful and pragmatic as possible, I created a French phonetic course in Paris that allows you to acquire a perfect French accent.

As a French tutor online and in Paris, my pronunciation method (anglophone-oriented) is based on morphological signs, intended to symbolize the shape of the tongue and mouth while pronouncing the French sounds and the vowels.

French Pronunciation course in Paris

The French language can be very difficult in terms of pronunciation, due to intricacies like silent letters, multiple sounds for a single letter, and endless exceptions.

As the French language is not phonetic but etymological, a few rules exist and are essential to grasp how French vowels must be pronounced according to their particular location inside a word. The tongue placement and mouth shape are part of my teaching. The nasal vowels and even the French “R” can be properly pronounced thanks to a simple mechanical work.

As a professional French tutor, I have developed an effective method to improve French pronunciation. A number of students come to me to improve their French pronunciation in a short time. My French pronunciation course in Paris will help you improve your listening comprehension and will teach you the correct articulation points.

Phonetic exercises focused on your specific difficulties will enable you to learn the new articulation points and make them feel more natural to you. Through this pronunciation method, you will rapidly improve your rhythm and your intonation in French.

You will learn the correct French pronunciation of sounds that are close and interchangeable in your mother tongue, but whose differentiation is vital in the French language. You will be able to correctly pronounce words with silent letters, etc.

Improve your pronunciation to reach a comfortable level and make yourself understood easily in French!

Contact Caroline to schedule your French pronunciation lessons in Paris!

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