It is never too early to start learning French!

Through French lessons for children in Paris, pupils are given the opportunity to be in immersion and to benefit from a variety of learning activities, from as early as the age of 3 until the age of 14. Our teaching method respects the children’s learning according to their age, language level, interests, and motivations.

French lessons for children in Paris

Learn French anytime, during the week, weekend or school holidays!

Children get exposure to the language and have fun whilst learning the basics of French. Using arts-and-crafts through her interactive and small-sized private French lessons for children in Paris, Caroline, your private French teacher in Paris, introduces new vocabulary, reinforced daily through further games and fun activities.

French lessons for kids aged 3-6

These classes introduce your child to the French language through games, stories and various activities.

French lessons for kids aged 6-14

These classes will give your children the opportunity to speak French as much as possible, so as to expand their vocabulary and extend their language skills to include reading and writing in French. One-to-one French lessons ensures that each child receives maximum individual attention. The classes for children are conducted entirely in French: our communicative approach ensures that every child is given ample opportunity to actually speak and practice French.

Through French textbooks for children, as well as lively activities (role-plays, mimes, songs, arts and crafts, board games and team projects) suited to the different age groups, children build up a broad and lasting knowledge of the French language. The teacher is a native French speaker who is experienced in working with children.

Pupils’ achievements through our French lessons for kids in Paris

• Learned the core French vocabulary, recognised and imitated its written form
• Expressed themselves in short sentences and responded to questions
• Been introduced to some French grammar in a fun way
• Developed confidence and the social skills to work in groups, in short conversations

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