The Essential French Grammar Websites

French grammar is complex: conjugating the irregular verbs, for instance, may be difficult

Fortunately, there are online resources at all levels that make the learning process much easier

You can progress quickly with the following websites for learning French grammar

Tex’s French Grammar Tex's French Grammar

Tex’s French Grammar (“La grammaire de l’absurde”) is a pedagogical French grammar website that combines explanations with dialogues and pictures. Originally built for students at the University of Texas at Austin as a guide to French grammar, this website may be used by any learner of French, provided he or she possess a sense of humor. Tex’s French Grammar is organized like many other traditional grammar websites with the sentence structures (nouns, verbs, etc.) used to categorize specific grammar topics (gender of nouns, irregular verbs). Complex grammar structures are carefully explained in English, then exemplified in a dialogue, and finally assessed in self-correcting fill-in-the-blank exercises.

Le Point du FLEle point du fle

This website offers fantastic resources for French teachers, but if you’re teaching yourself French it’s also a great tool. Le Point du FLE includes lesson plans and activities to practise what you’ve learned.

Le conjugueur Le Conjugueur

A great grammar tool to revise or search French verb conjugation, remember to enter the verb in French! You can also revise French grammar.

Online resources for French beginners and more advanced students! Access content from the tabs for readings, grammar rules and examples, and pictorial vocabulary guide (build your vocabulary by rolling your mouse over pictures to hear and see the word simultaneously). Have fun!

Polar FLE

Polar FLE

This website is dedicated to people who want to learn and practise French. You can select your level at each step of the investigation that you are conducting as a police detective (from beginner to advanced level). However, you may find difficult to read the story and make the exercises if you are a complete beginner.

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