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A Great Variety of French Courses in Paris

Want to take your French to the next level? Then you should try Caroline’s French language classes in Paris! Choose from a variety of courses made to suit your personal or professional goals. You can build fluency and speaking confidence with our one-one-one French conversation classes. You can also learn as much as possible with an intensive French course in Paris or benefit from flexible French language classes online. Alternatively, you can prepare for a test such as the DELF or the TCF & TCF-ANF to obtain French nationality. Benefit from a tailor-made French course in Paris, have all your questions answered by a dedicated teacher, and see a great improvement in your speaking skills!

Study French in Paris with Caroline, an Expert Tutor with 12 years of Experience

When you learn with a native speaker, you gain fluency and accuracy in the target language. Practice and perfect your French with Caroline, a qualified teacher with a PhD in Linguistics and over 12 years of experience teaching foreign-born adults, students and expatriates around the world. Combining the coaching skills, knowledge, and resources she has developed from working in the field of education, she founded The French Class, Paris in 2012. She loves helping her clients of all ages and language backgrounds plan learning experiences that are aligned with their strengths, passions, and goals. Ready to learn French through expert tuition? Let a talented tutor guide you through this journey!

Immersive French Lessons in Paris with a Focus on Conversation

Caroline’s private French courses in Paris focus on conversation and social interaction while following a structured curriculum. They are also fun and engaging to help you have an easier time understanding grammar, vocabulary, comprehension and pronunciation. Through one-on-one French classes conducted by a supportive teacher, students get the time and personalized attention they need. As a result, they progress much faster than in the traditional group setting. Moreover, Caroline encourages you to practice your French more effectively and she gives you constructive feedback to take your French from good to great.

These Student Success Stories Reaffirmed Caroline’s Love for Teaching

Private French classes in Paris.  French lessons in Paris for foreign-born adults. Individual French conversation classes, business language courses and DELF / DALF preparation.

Great Reasons for Learning French with Caroline

✔ A Dedicated Teacher and Passionate Language Professional

As a competent French tutor in Paris with 12 years of teaching experience, Caroline has helped hundreds of students and executives improve their language skills. Study with an educator who teaches you the language in a personalized, interactive, and meaningful way. Read what students are saying about her private French language classes in Paris and online.

✔ The Best Private French Lessons in Paris

Your progress is Caroline’s priority. That is why she creates a wide range of French courses in Paris to meet your individual needs. Her customized French language classes online (on Zoom or Skype) or in person are available at beginner, intermediate, and advanced levels. Whether you want to study the language through an French intensive course or at a regular pace with conversation classes, these exciting programs put you on a clear and direct path to success.

✔ The Most Convenient & Effective Way to Study French

With one-on-one French language classes online, you can learn the language wherever you are in the world. Study in the comfort of your home or office with the best online French course. Caroline, your private tutor, will do her best to accommodate your needs. Start the lessons any time and benefit from high-quality online French lessons.

✔ Learn to Speak French Easily and Confidently

Lastly, learning a foreign language is not easy. Using it daily or in professional situations can sometimes be tough or intimidating. Through supportive, one-on-one French language courses in Paris, you can improve your fluency and successfully participate in any conversation. This way, you’ll make a lot of progress and speak the language with ease and confidence.

“Caroline is a highly knowledgeable and enthusiastic French tutor. She was able to explain the grammar and pronunciation rules in a simple and intuitive manner. Her informality and friendliness have brought the language alive and given me confidence in using it.”

KATE, French Lessons in Paris, FEBRUARY 2021

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