The best French course for professionals in Paris

This French course in Paris was practical, well paced and delivered extremely well

I have had the pleasure of experiencing Caroline’s French courses for professionals in Paris.

As a lower intermediate French student, I have learned how to pronounce the sounds properly and I have become able to build more and more complex sentences. My objective was initially to be able to communicate in French in daily situations (restaurant, store, train station, etc.) while being in Paris but as the course progressed, I wanted to be able to communicate effectively with my colleagues and clients, within the context of a company, and I decided to take business French classes in Paris.

The business French course in Paris was well planned, well paced and delivered extremely well. It gave me the ability to communicate effectively and with greater confidence in the French language. The lessons were practical and focused on essential French vocabulary and grammar. Each lesson was carefully prepared and started with the revising of the previously learned material which greatly facilitated the learning process. I appreciated that Caroline included some topics relevant for my professional life, such as money, contracts and banking. Caroline also explained the French grammar rules and structures clearly and often made comparisons with other languages; this certainly helped to understand the peculiarities of the French grammar. I would like to thank her for her patience in teaching French, a difficult language and its complex rules, to foreign professionals like me.

Caroline made sure that the French language course was practical, easy to understand and remained at a pace that was suitable for me. She is a good French teacher in Paris who tries to understand what you need and to make the best use of your time. She took good care of me and our conversations turned out to be more than mere exercises in French. She has a great ear, and promptly created lessons tailor-made to my difficulties. While Caroline is undoubtedly the best French teacher I have had, she is also delightful and very down to earth. Her teaching style, coupled with the lovely setting of Paris made for an unforgettable experience. All I have learnt helps me greatly in my everyday work.

Paul L.

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