A Useful Grid for Self-Evaluation

Determine your current language level with a Precise French Proficiency Test

This reliable French proficiency test was developed by the Council of Europe to help language learners self-assess their level of competence

It contains six levels of French fluency that will help you check your level online, from beginner (A1) to proficient (C2)

Take an online French proficiency test to assess your language abilities.
  • Listening: based on the French proficiency test, you can understand very little, except for a few words of vocabulary which you may remember from school.
  • Reading: you can understand a few bits of vocabulary but overall nothing is very clear.
  • Speaking: you can interact in the most simplistic way, using very basic words but cannot form a sentence.
A1Beginner in French
  • Listening: you can understand everyday expressions & basic sentences to help you get by in daily situations (buying bread, ordering food at the restaurant, etc.).
  • Reading: you can recognise simple words and guess the meaning of certain predictable texts.
  • Speaking: you can use simple everyday basic expressions and interact in a simple way if the person speaks slowly and clearly. You can introduce yourself, answer simple questions about yourself, ask where the toilets are, order a drink, etc. You can also describe an object, give advice to someone in a simple way, describe a place or a person, express your feelings, write a short personal letter to someone.
  • Listening: you can understand frequently used sentences and everyday expressions (on topics such as family information, shopping and employment, etc.). You are also able to understand simple questions.
  • Reading: you can read more easily more complex texts covering a wider range of topics. You are able to differentiate a present tense from a past tense.
  • Speaking: you can use simple everyday expressions related to everyday routine matters. You can describe your activities or narrate an event in the past (imparfait or passé composé) and express future projects. You can also show agreement or disagreement, express regrets or criticism, report someone else’s speech.
B1 Intermediate LEVEL
  • Listening: at this level, you can understand and take part in simple conversations about everyday situations (at work, school, leisure, etc.)
  • Reading: your reading is more fluent and you can understand texts about more complex topics but not quite current affairs yet.
  • Speaking: you can travel with confidence and make yourself understood using a wide range of descriptive vocabulary, adjectives and various tenses (subjunctive, conditional, in particular). You can make comparisons, talk about events, dreams or ambitions and give opinions on various everyday topics.
B2 Upper Intermediate
  • Listening: you are able to understand the main ideas of more complex and abstract subjects (including more specialised fields).
  • Reading: you are able to read detailed texts from different topics and give viewpoints on current affairs.
  • Speaking: you can use a wide range of vocabulary and speak fluently and with spontaneity.
C1 Advanced French Student
  • Listening: you can understand a wide range of topics. You can also recognise idioms and implicit meaning.
  • Reading: you can read books and understand more complex texts.
  • Speaking: you can express yourself fluently using colloquial expressions and well-structured detailed sentences in most situations: professional, social and academic.
C2 Master or Proficient in FRENCH
  • Listening: according to the French proficiency test, you can listen to radio, TV programs and conversations with ease and understand complex idioms and nuances.
  • Reading: you can read complex texts and write using a wide range of complex tenses.
  • Speaking: you can summarise in a spontaneous and fluent way any accounts and information from diverse written texts and spoken conversations.

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