Top movies to learn French

Discover the top movies to learn French

Whether you want to learn French, learn more about the French culture or simply have a good time, these movies are perfect for you

This list contains all kind of top movies to learn French, so you are sure to find one that you like.

With these top movies to learn French, you can improve pronunciation, gain exposure to the French culture, train your ears, and be thoroughly entertained.

There are many great French films that you can watch and understand with ease. Despite their reputation in the film world, French filmmakers aren’t all about philosophy and doomed relationships. That’s great news for us, because there are so many benefits of using movies for language learning.

The Intouchables

When a rich Frenchman in a wheelchair meets a young and dynamic French from the banlieue (the outskirts of Paris), you get The Intouchables. A touching movie which highlights the clash between rich and poor suburbs but also shows the difficulties handicapped people face in their daily life. This is also the story of a beautiful and unexpected friendship between two persons who seemed to have nothing in common. This is one of my top movies to learn French and I am sure you will love it too.

Le fabuleux destin d’Amélie Poulain

One of the most famous romantic French movie, and one which gave many people the desire to visit Paris. Amélie, a young and innocent girl working as a waitress in Paris does her best to help people around her and hopes to find love in the French capital. Her quest makes her realize she forgets about herself and she decides to take control of her destiny.

La Haine

If what’s going in the French suburbs interests you, La Haine is the movie you should watch. After a fight with the police, Abdel, a young man falls unconscious Riots follow and violence escalates.

La Haine is a particularly touching movie and pretty accurate representation of what’s happening in some French suburbs. Wile this certainly isn’t a movie for everyone, this is the perfect way to safely learn more about the problems France is facing.

The Chorus

Can a teacher change his students’ lives? That’s what a new teacher at a at a severely administered boys’ boarding school tries to do in the twentieth century. Clément Mathieu decides to use music and to create a chorus to positively change his students’ life. Will he succeed? The beautiful music, touching story and special atmosphere of this movie make it one of the most successful French movie of all time.

The Spanish Apartment (L’auberge espagnole)

Xavier, a French student travels to Spain via the ERASMUS program, which allows many European students to spend a few semesters in another European university. Xavier quickly realize that moving to a new country isn’t as easy as he imagined and faces many obstacles as soon as he lands in Barcelona. What was supposed to be a simple semester abroad turns out to be a truly life-changing experience. The Spanish Apartment speaks to an entire generation of students who experienced a similar adventure. This is a must-watch French movie if you ever spent a semester abroad or plan to do so.

Bienvenue Chez Les Ch’tis

After being caught trying to scam an inspector, Philippe is sent to the north of France for his job. A region said to be freezing cold and populated by unemployed alcoholics. Soon, Philippe discovers that all he heard about his new region is wrong and that beyond the prejudices hides a wonderful place to live. This is a movie you should absolutely watch in France, because many of the jokes are based on the exaggerated differences between the ch’ti accent and the traditional French accent.

OSS 117: Cairo, Nest of Spies

This parody of James Bond shows a French spy full of himself, sexist and racist who makes mistake after mistake and finally ends up looking almost sweet. The perfect movie to relax after a hard day of work.

OSS 117 Lost in Rio

If you enjoyed watching OSS 117 Cairo Nest of Spies, its sequel won’t disappoint you. This time our hero is looking for a former Nazi and desperately trying to seduce the charming Mossad agent he is working with.


Did you watch any of these movies? What are your top movies to learn French?

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