An experienced French language teacher in Paris

An experienced French teacher in Paris with strong linguistic abilities, Caroline knew exactly how to address my needs

I was looking for a professional French teacher in Paris

I came across The French Class in Paris on the Internet and was impressed by the website’s professionalism, ease of use, and organization – all things I looked for in a French course in Paris! Because I was preparing for the DELF, a national French language exam, and for a master’s program in France, I had very specific needs and objectives.

Caroline, my French language teacher in Paris, knew how to address my needs and made sure that I stayed on target. Throughout a quality French course in Paris, she helped me fill in the (many) gaps that I had since I had learned most of my French in conversation. We completed exercises and discussed press articles that related to my field of specialization and interests.

Caroline is professional and passionate about sharing her love of the French language and culture. She knows very well each of her student’s needs. She can make difficult language topics easy to learn using fun activities that help us understand better allowing us to practise French conversation. She is a very enthusiastic and focused French language teacher in Paris who passes her motivation to her students, even in evening French lessons in Paris! My language skills have improved a lot since I started studying with her.

I highly recommend Caroline as a private French teacher in Paris. I could have always relied on her expertise on all language related questions. She was engaged and fully dedicated to her tutoring job, very creative in finding new ways of making the French lessons interesting. It was a great pleasure to be her student!   Ellinor

Would you like to improve your language skills by working with a professional French teacher in Paris? Contact Caroline to find out more about her French classes.

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