French tutoring in Paris to progress quickly

French Tutor in Paris

Learn French in Paris in a supportive atmosphere

French tutoring in Paris with a dedicated teacher is by far the most effective way to learn French. With Caroline’s French lessons taught in a quiet, comfortable and supportive atmosphere, free from the distractions of the traditional classroom environment and the associated peer pressure, you can learn or perfect your French as quickly as desired.

No more missed classes

Is your life busy? Caroline’s private French lessons in Paris will work around your busy schedule.

Personalized French tutoring in Paris to suit your individual needs

Caroline’s private French lessons are unique and geared towards your specific language goals. An experienced French tutor in Paris establishes a personalized French tutoring program based on your individual language needs and designed to complement your curriculum, with scope for extension or remedial work as required. You decide exactly what you want to learn and the French lessons will be created to achieve your objectives. Caroline is also happy to give you some advice on the specific points of grammar, vocabulary and phonetics that can be reinforced. You will be amazed to see how much we can cover in one hour of French lesson.

Increased student confidence

French tutoring in Paris gives students greater confidence to express themselves and to ask each one of their questions when they do not fully understand a particular topic related to the language and culture. With her one-on-one French lessons in Paris, the focus is entirely on you. By learning individually in a convivial atmosphere, you will feel more at ease, will concentrate better and will learn much quicker.

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