French lessons were challenging, engaging and fun

The French lessons were challenging, engaging and fun.

In the past, I have only studied foreign languages on a one-on-one basis, and so I must admit that initially I wasn’t sure if I would enjoy a group lesson.

However, I must say that the French lessons were an absolutely positive experience, as the changing group dynamic meant I learnt about a real variety of topics, along with the accompanying vocabulary.

It also meant I had the opportunity to learn from other people’s questions and absorb and consolidate the rules of French grammar more thoroughly than if I was studying alone.

The French lessons were challenging, engaging and fun. They provided a balance of language structure, conversation, listening and reading in a classroom atmosphere which was warm and encouraging. The combination of students and teacher created an environment in which laughter and learning each play their appropriate role. The grammar was explained clearly, my pronunciation corrected patiently and explained in ways, which I haven’t seen in any books.

Opportunities to speak and to listen to various French accents were excellent. Our French tutor was extremely patient and we must express our thanks to her for her encouragement and good humour when we tried to put our French lessons into practice. She made the French lessons interesting, making you feel at ease with the language, and leaving you always wanting to know more about the French language and culture.

I am now able to converse in a work situation in French and I just love speaking this beautiful language. The best thing is that, thanks to the great teaching and the way in which all areas of the language structure are covered, I now have all the tools to speak French at a higher level – it’s just up to me to keep practising and expanding my vocabulary. If you want to get into the French culture and make some serious progress with your language skills in a outstanding location with small, intimate classes and a really friendly feel, the French Class in Paris is definitely the place.