Caroline’s personalised French classes in Paris surpassed my expectations

Caroline is an exceptional French teacher, offering the perfect combination of high expectations and individual support

Having studied with her for about a year in one-on-one French lessons in Paris, I highly recommend her private French classes in Paris

Extremely creative, Caroline always finds interesting material for her personalised French classes in Paris and new ways of teaching French, tailoring to specific student’s needs. She prepares each French lesson thoroughly in advance and has a talent of making them fun whilst creating an environment conducive to effective learning. Very knowledgeable and competent, Caroline is able to explain the vocabulary, expressions and grammar rules in a very intuitive, simple and interactive manner. Her informality and friendliness brought the French language alive and gave me more confidence in using it. She was never pushy but always set me challenging but attainable goals.

Caroline’s passion for teaching the French language and sharing the culture made the entire learning experience so enjoyable. I looked forward to my French classes with her as she made learning the language a great pleasure. All in all, her private French course in Paris surpassed my expectations.

If you want an effective teaching method, personalised French classes in Paris, good value, a warm, friendly atmosphere and, above all, to speak French, the French Class is definitely the right place to learn.