French classes are available worlwide

According to the International Organisation of La Francophonie, French is the second most taught language in the world.

116 million people are learning French worldwide and French classes are available in every single country, so there should be no shortage of role models.

The number of French speakers has increased in recent years thanks to the African population explosion. In many parts of Africa, French is the language of instruction, so its use should grow with the spread of education on the continent.

The head of the OIF’s Observatory of the French language, Alexandre Wolff warns that its growth is far from guaranteed. It is a second language for most African speakers, so it will only continue to flourish if countries keep it on their school syllabuses. “French is the mother tongue in a few countries: France, francophone Belgium, francophone Switzerland, Quebec and some Canadian provinces, Luxembourg and Monaco, i.e., 75 million people,” says Wolff.

If all the predictions that this will be Africa’s century prove true and its economic development really accelerates, then demand for this language will skyrocket. Forward-thinkers are well-advised to start learning French now.