My summer French course in Paris was excellent

I am a 19 year old English girl who needed to master basic French in a hurry before starting at the Ecole Boulle in Paris.

I had many French lessons in Paris with Caroline over the summer.

Even though she was teaching full time, Caroline, my French tutor in Paris, fitted me in for a French lesson whenever I could and for however long I wanted.

Caroline’s summer French course in Paris was enjoyable. I really looked forward to my three-hour French lessons in Paris on a Sunday morning. As a qualified French tutor in Paris, Caroline is very conscientious and designed the course specifically for me. She pushed me into learning the grammar and vocabulary that would be useful for my course and gave me a lot more confidence to survive my new life in Paris! This French language course in Paris with Caroline gave me many opportunities to practice the language with a competent native French teacher.

Her French teaching approach is that of a personal language trainer, encouraging her students to improve and build up strength and skills. I enjoyed her personalized and pleasant teaching method. A lover of languages, Caroline is passionate about teaching her native language in a way that helped me build confidence in my speaking skills. She is patient, gentle, efficient, and always enthusiastic.

Even now I know that I can turn to Caroline for help and advice if needed. Finding Caroline as a private French teacher in Paris was the biggest success of my summer!

Poppy B.