A French tutor in Paris, committed to teach excellence

Caroline is dedicated to providing quality French lessons in Paris that meet your individual requirements

Each French language course in Paris is custom-made. The content of your French lessons depends essentially on her students’ needs, strengths and weaknesses and preferred language learning strategies. These lessons are structured and based upon the strengths and interests of her students. As much of the language that we use is motivated by the need for self-expression, Caroline encourages her students to fully express themselves.

Your French tutor in Paris plans your course to ensure it is varied and appropriate for you

French tutor in Paris

Caroline always includes grammar, the backbone of a language, in context, as a tool to be used in real life situations. She uses a gentle approach, but does correct her students’ mistakes in a positive and encouraging way. She also provides her students with homework, for further practice in between lessons (upon request).

The French lessons are structured and well-prepared by the instructor

Caroline starts the lesson with conversation, correction of homework, or some interesting document as a warm-up. Throughout the lesson, she takes notes and writes down important points of French vocabulary, grammar or phonetics that should be reinforced. This written document is then given to the student at the end of the class for further personal practice. Having worked for many years as a private French tutor in Paris, Caroline is flexible in her teac

hing and can adapt to her students’ ways of learning. She is also used to teach French to Anglophones, and is therefore familiar with common mistakes and challenges.

Learners are active during Caroline’s private French classes

The teaching pedagogy of your private French tutor in Paris is modern, interactive and participative. Caroline’s French classes in Paris involve lively activities such as role playing, brainstorming, oral interviews, debates or discussions, audiovisual presentations and small group work. Throughout their French course, they develop learning strategies that help them to become independent users of the language and to speak with ease and confidence.

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